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Shannon Diversfied, Inc. is a fully certified, licensed and bonded kitchen exhaust / hood cleaning company.  Here are some of the benefits of working with a fully certified company:

  • Ensures experience, training and knowledge of best method of cleaning
  • Ensures in-depth knowledge and understanding of current fire and safety codes
  • Ensures in-depth understanding of the importance of thoroughly removing the entire fuel source for potential fire from the entire exhaust system
  • Tested and verified knowledge and understanding of current Fire, OSHA codes, and experience that is pertinent to exhaust system cleaning and servicing
  • Regulated by the IKECA association
  • Assured compliance with NFPA 96 Fire Code Standards
  • Sworn to uphold the Standards and Practices set forth by IKECA (International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners Association)
Our thoughts on the importance of certification:


A company being certified insures they have gone through a in-depth training process covering OSHA safety standards pertaining to the kitchen exhaust hood cleaning and servicing industry, NFPA 96 fire code standards and how they apply to this industry, the best and efficient methods of cleaning and servicing the systems and understanding many of the different type of systems and how they function. This company must have past a comprehensive closed and controlled test given and controlled by the certifying body. A company must also promise to follow and abide by the long list of standards and practices of the certifying association. It lastly requires the company to have the necessary insurances and bonding required perform this service.
If a company providing kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services is not certified, then you get none of the above. They will have very little to no knowledge of the OSHA safety codes, NFPA 96 fire code standards, very little understanding of all the different types of systems and the most effective and thorough way to service them. They will have very little understanding of the importance of removing all the grease contamination within the entire system and what impact will it have if you don’t. They are obviously doing very little to learn current and new methods of servicing and staying on top of change in governing codes and standards. Lastly, what standards and practices will they follow? Will they have and maintain the correct insurances and bonds required.
Ask yourself, what do you think you will get with going with an uncertified company? You will probably get a cheap price and very little of the above. One has to ask themselves, what passion does a company have in their business and the service that they provide, If they don’t even meet the governing requirements of the service that they provide?
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